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Uranus Wiper

Artisanal, zero waste friendly, eco toilet roll that does social good while helping you take that extra step to plastic free living.


Member since February 2019


Every year, the toilet roll bought by the UK’s 27.5m households from other toilet paper brands is wrapped in approximately 3,841,750,000 square meters of single use plastic bags. Now let’s try and unwrap these plastic bag numbers using elementary school maths.

3,841,750,000 square meters of single use plastic bags is enough plastic to completely cover about 537,382 Wembley Stadium football pitches. That’s a lot of commas right? We'll let that sink in.

Here's a little reminder of the plastic pollution problem and why those Wembley related numbers are not so pleasant to the eyes:

1,000,000 sea birds killed annually
100,000 marine mammals killed annually
$2.5tn per year economic cost to global society
$33,000 per tonne in reduced environmental value
Direct negative health impacts on human food chain

We earthly inhabitants came up with revolutionary ideas like the wheel, the internet and errrrm..the almighty selfie stick (source= the internet).

Surely we can do better when it comes to reducing single use plastics in our bog rolls.

Doing better is exactly what Uranus Wiper has set out to do in its own little way.

Uranus Wiper is a socially responsible toilet paper brand that manufactures plastic free toilet rolls thus helping reduce the scourge of single use plastics. Uranus Wiper also does additional social good through its ongoing support for the Anal Cancer Foundation.


71-75 Shelton Street, Covent Garden, London, England, WC2H 9JQ