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Trouvaille Global


Member since August 2019


Can you imagine yourself reminiscing about those unforgettable moments you lived in your travels while sipping coffee from a unique mug? What about realising how much of the world you still need to see and planning your next adventure? That is what Trouvaille is all about! Keeping good memories, having fun colouring, and making travel a part of your daily life.

'What if we could mark all the places we've been to on one mug?' was the question that started it all. We are a young and creative couple from Europe who always dreamt of travelling the world. After founding Trouvaille and working hard to launch our online store, in 2017 we left our live in London and our families and friends behind to see the world together and run the company on the road. Thanks to two successful years, we are very happy and eager to give back to the world.

Our travels have brought us closer to nature and have also shown us how damaging our footprints can be. Our products are sustainably produced, but we want to do more. And that's why we are here.