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The Proud Nuren Company


Member since November 2020


About The Proud Nuren Company

Nǚrén translates to Woman in Chinese (a nod to my family heritage). It is also said to mean 'illumination' and/or 'radiance' in Arabic culture. I thought this name fitting for this artistic and beautiful take to candle making. I use the most perfect moulds purchased from an amazing artist, to structure each body candle individually. It’s a long process that has taken months of testing different soy blends, wicks, fragrances, colours and pouring temperatures to finally get to a point worthy to sell to you lovely people. What was important to me, was that I wanted this small business to mean more than just selling a product. I wanted to use this business as a platform to create awareness and empowerment. Women’s Aid is such an important charity, that supports so many women and children. So given the business concept, I am more than happy to donate 9.5% of your orders to support them.
So if you’re on this page, and not into celebrating, empowering and protecting women, I don’t believe this is the product for you 👋🏼.