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Right of Reply Ltd

Tell your Truth with Timeliness & Relevance


Member since May 2018


Right of Reply is a leading online reputation platform empowering individuals to regain control and ‘tell their truth’ on three key determinants affecting their reputation:
- personal online content for B2C thanks to RoR
- credit reports for B2C thanks to RoCC
- personal attack on social media and blogs for P2P thanks to RoRKEY

Right of Reply was founded to provide rapid, low-cost, and legally sound solutions, to both consumers and companies. Through its online platforms, individuals can respond to negative or erroneous content with timeliness and relevance. At the same time, the general public can access multiple perspectives on specific content and form a full and unbiased opinion. Right of Reply's subsidiaries, RoR and RoCC use patented search, respond and publish functions and blockchain technology.

Right of Reply’’s majority shareholder is the Swiss Christian Charitable Association ATD Caritas ( Right of Reply will donate 10% of its net profits to vulnerable persons without discrimination.