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Having spoken to a number of charities, many of them recommended Work for Good as a way to donate to charity from a business. Work for Good is really transparent, and I feel it's important when you're told a percentage of your purchase is going to charity, that it does!

I carefully select the charities and mostly choose from those which support women's services, cancer support and those assisting more vulnerable members of society.

15% of the proceeds from every sale will be donated to charity. For each order I receive, I'll make a note of the donation and include a written note of the benefitting charity with each physical item. For digital items, there is no way of telling a customer without sending unwarranted emails, but if you do want to know which charity your purchase has benefitted with a digital purchase, do send me an email and I'll let you know!
Currently, each charity will receive £25, which will be paid when the donations reach £25, anything remaining will be rolled over to the next charity selected. The actual donation amount varies between products but is at least £1 for all full embroidery kits.