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Peracals Productions Ltd


Member since January 2021


We are an international entertainment company based in London and Alicante producing a diverse variety of original content across numerous platforms, formats and distribution channels including Film, Stage, Television, Audio and Publishing.

We are committed to finding new ways of telling stories, reaching new audiences and of entertaining the world with our creative idealism.

• The Peracals Universe: Film, TV, Theatre and Audio production under one roof allowing us to create our own cultural universe of interconnecting stories and characters.

• We work with a dynamic group of producers and creators who will challenge and change the more conventional aspects of the entertainment industry.

• MPI: We believe that it is essential as a company that we create and sustain MPI –
‘Maximum Positive Impact’. As individuals, as creators, and as a company we have a responsibility to the wider world and to finding ways of improving it and of helping others. This is partly done through telling inspiring stories, but also in more practical ways.
Peracals is committed to giving 10% of its annual profits to worthwhile charitable causes.