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Peggy Porschen Cakes Ltd

Escape into a dreamlike world where cake becomes a living art and roses always bloom.


Member since October 2019


Peggy Porschen is a luxury food and lifestyle brand
which encapsulates a dreamy world of escapism
through the beauty of cake artistry, Parlour cafés and
branded retail products; it is fundamentally where cake
becomes a living art. A re-imagined fairytale combining
beautiful aesthetic with femininity and romance, each
and every part of the Peggy Porschen experience is
packed with prettiness and exquisite detail.
The award-winning pastry chef team ensures that
customers can expect the epitome of taste and quality
in every bite.

From the ‘Insta famous’, seasonally adorned, Peggy Porschen Parlours, through to
Peggy’s baking titles and celebrity client list, these are cupcakes, cakes, cookies and
confectionary that have stood the test of time; as Vanity Fair summed it up… 'they have the best cupcakes in the world.'