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NobleSantas NFT

Collection of 10 000 unique NFTs.



Member since December 2021

About us

NobleSantas NFTs, the first-ever charity NFT project, is launching on Polygon. The launch will include 10,000 unique NFTs that will be available for sale. The money collected from sales will be channeled to humanitarian work through charity donations.
What is NobleSantas NFTs?
NobleSantas is a collection of 10,000 unique computer-generated characters that leaves in the Polygon blockchain. They are Christmas-themed NFTs, with Santa Clause as the main character. They have many unique attributes that make them beautiful and rare. The NFTs are distinct, authentic, and differ in rarity. They are categorized into three tiers based on their rarities. The first tire includes 40 super rare NFTs. These NFTs have unique features and accessories, which makes them very distinct from the rest of the collections. The second tier has 4960 rarer NFTs. The last tier contains 5000 rare NFTs. All the NFTs will be available for minting after the launch. The holders of these NFTs can resell them later when their prices go up. The value of these digital assets will increase on demand.
How does NobleSantas NFT work?

NobeSantas NFTs are designed for charity, meaning sales revenues are targeted at supporting charity organizations. Users can mint the NFT after the launch. By minting these digital collectibles, users not only get beautiful NFTs that they can flex and even resell, but they also support humanitarian work. The NFTs are also designed with a royalty program, whereby 10% of the revenue generated from secondary sales returns to the art creators. The royalties also go to charity work.
What are the Supported Charities?
Currently, the project is working with two charity organizations: Great Diamond Street Hospital Charity and Szlachetna Paczka. However, you can suggest to the charity that you want your purchase funds to be directed when you buy the NFTs. Great Diamond Street Hospital is a not-for-profitable hospital that helps stranded children who need medical help. The hospital fully depends on charitable support to keep it running. Szlachetna Paczka on the other hand is one of the most famous social programs in Poland. It connects volunteers to needy families to offer them help for their specific pressing problems.
The Launch
The project is scheduled for a launch on December 17, 2021. The participants will be able to get the NFTs at a mint price. The prices vary according to the tier. NFTs in the first tier are the most valuable. They are selling at 1ETH each. The second-tier NFTs go for 0.1ETH, while third-tier NFTs sell at 0.01ETH each. After minting the NFTs, the digital asset holders will be able to list them for secondary sale at a price of their choosing. Although the prices of these collectibles may depend on the demand, token holders will most likely list them with prices above the mint prices.
Moving into the future
The upcoming NFT launch marks the beginning of the roadmap that includes many themed projects. At its full development, the project will include a comprehensive DeFi suit with extra revenue development features such as farming, staking, and NFT gaming.
About Polygon Blockchain
Polygon blockchain is a layer 2 blockchain network built on top of the Ethereum blockchain to drive its scalability. Transactions on Polygon take place on the side chain hence unclogging the platform. However, Polygon users enjoy the liquidity that the Ethereum blockchain offers. Polygon has also exploded as a solution to Ethereum’s gas fee problem. Polygon will allow faster minting, and trading of NobleSantas NFTs at a lower transaction cost.
NobleSantas NFTs offers a unique opportunity for NFT enthusiasts to enjoy collecting, flexing, and trading NFTs while constantly supporting the humanitarian course. You can join the upcoming launch on December 17, 2021, to get your unique NFTs.