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Mumsome Foods UK


Member since October 2020


Mumsome Foods is an online store that sells wholesome, sprouted finger millet/grains porridge mixes and ragi ladoo mixes. Homemade, vegetarian/vegan and 100% sugar free.

Mumsome® is proud to prepare Sprouted Wheat and Whole Green Gram Porridge Mix, Infant Sprouted Ragi Porridge Mix, Infant Multigrain Ragi Porridge Mix, Nutty Ragi Porridge Mix, Ragi Ladoo Mix, Postpartum Gondh Ladoo Mix, All Sprouts Porridge Mix (Sathu Maavu), Ragi Huri Hittu, and Ragi Dosa Mix.

As we cater our products to children and being parents to two lovely kids, we'd like to do something for children and their future.