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Mia Campion

@miss.mia.campion Funky T-shirts


Member since February 2021


I am here to introduce myself and my ideas to fundraise for Young Minds. My name is Mia Campion, I am graduate from University of the Arts London, graduating with a First Class Honours and now work a full time job that I love!

- S t o r y T i m e -
I remember talking to a mate and they told me that they were taking meds for their mental health. I was shocked! My first thought was - oh damn they really must be in a bad place… only “crazy” people take meds right?

💕And all of a sudden probably about a year later I found myself needing that extra support. It helped me SO much.

I wrote my dissertation 📝 on “The Power of Visual Aesthetics: How do brands utilise the visual aesthetic in order to form beneficial consumer attitudes? And can mental health medication benefit from this?”

I got a ✨ First ✨

And since graduating 🎓 it’s been my mission to execute my findings.

The T-shirts I am launching 🚀are a good step towards ending this stigma around not only mental health medication but for EVERYONE who takes medication 💊

In summary I have researched the ways design can reduce stigma of mental health medication, and how brands in the past have taken similar actions. And now I believe it is my time to make a change in the world - and I would absolutely love your support.

100% of profit from these garments will be donated to Young Minds via Work for Good.

Lots of love, Mia