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Mia Campion

@miss.mia.campion - Medication Provocation Garments


Member since February 2021


I am here to introduce myself and my ideas to fundraise for Young Minds. My name is Mia Campion, I am a recent graduate from University of the Arts London, graduating with a First Class Honours in
Illustration and Visual Media.

I have created T-shirts creating awareness of mental health medication! "Medication is prescribed to people who need extra support, it can significantly increase an individuals quality of life. It shouldn't be feared, nor glorified; simply acknowledged for the lives it has changed." - Mia Campion

This concept is built around my ten thousand word dissertation: ‘The Power of Visual Aesthetics. How do brands utilise the visual aesthetic in order to form beneficial consumer attitudes? And can mental health medication benefit from this?'. In short I have researched the ways design can reduce stigma of mental health medication, and how brands in the past have taken similar actions. And now I believe it is my time to make a change in the world - and I would absolutely love your support.

50% of profit from these garments will be donated to Young Minds via Work for Good. The other 50% is going back into the brand @miss.mia.campion (Instagram) to promote and advertise the product in order to create the highest level of change!

Lots of love, Mia