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Let's Go

Getting organisations skilful at creative collaboration


Member since August 2016


Hi, my name is Richard Watkins. I’m the founder of Let’s Go and I want to see us all get more skilful at working in groups. As society shifts away from hierarchies towards networks, collaboration has become a hot topic. But our imperfect attempts to collaborate can leave us frustrated – and the backlash has already begun.

As a lifelong collaborator, both professionally and personally, I have seen highs and lows. Whilst I’m confident that groups are fathomable, I believe we lack the concepts and tools that help us make sense of leading groups effectively. Too often we have to fall back on our instincts – which are inevitably a mix of wisdom and dysfunction.

I have built a new leadership model for creative collaboration – a simple way to grasp group dynamics for productive work in groups. I'm really proud of what it captures and am now building a team to support organisations who are looking to make their collaboration efforts more effective.