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Authentic coffee , unforgettable taste!


Member since March 2021


In order to develop and promote the culture of true, highest quality, freshly roasted coffee, we use only 100% Premium Arabica from selected locations in Africa and Latin America. We can guarantee that our coffee is grown in ecologically-clean conditions, hand-picked, processed without chemicals, and comes exclusively from the highlands of the best plantations in the world.

Our coffee is roasted by ourselves in the Coffee Roastery and we are proud of using only freshly roasted beans! In order to preserve all the flavours and all the shades of taste and oils of our 100% Arabica, we prefer light to medium roasting. This way of roasting allows the coffee beans to open up as much as possible and also allows you to experience the true quality of our products.
We would like to introduce ourselfs, we - kakaducoffee, representing online platform with sales of quality arabica coffee
varieties which we are importing from different well qualified arabica coffee countries. Getting involved in charities, even in this pandemic time, we would love to help and support .