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Cherished by Amy Ward Photography

Soley photographing premature to newborn babies, with the expertise and education to gain timeless, beautiful results



Member since June 2019


Qualifications:BAhons MAhons (UCL) HND Photography (The British Academy of Photography), Newborn Photography Apprenticeship with Elli Cassidy, Mini Memories, one of the most prominent newborn photgraphers in the UK, Newborn First Aid Certificate OCN Level 3 - Sleep Training

My name is Amy Ward, a mother of a 2 year old and a trained professional photographer. Whilst many other companies offer newborn baby photography, they also provide other portraiture including toddlers, older children, family photographs and even event photography as well. CHERISHED is built exclusively around newborn photography, between premature to 9 weeks. I believe that is a niche genre, and to capture the best quality images, it is essential to specialise in this very unique type of portraiture- my apprenticeship focused solely on this time period and as a result I have become an expert on understanding the needs and requirements of each shoot of this type.


CHERISHED uses only props and products that where possible are organic, non harmful to the environment, and are ethically sourced.

CHERISHED works in conjunction with Work For Good, an NGO that helps small businesses to support a chosen charity. I support the charity Tommy’s- with each shoot they will receive 2% of the profit (minus VAT). For more information about Tommy’s, please see the page CHARITY WORK

Being aware of the difficulties of mobility after giving birth, especially post caesarean, I also provide a fully mobile service, where I bring everything including a mobile changing unit and feeding pillow, so if you need a hand changing or lifting the baby, with your permission, I can help!

CHERISHED provides 5 different packages suitable for different budgets and requirements. Two of the packages include a female beautician/massage therapist who can wash and style your hair, provide manicures and pedicures, massages and eyebrow/lash treatments! The full deluxe package which is often selected as a gift includes all of this as well

I am the sole photographer at CHERISHED, and I am passionate and dedicated about my work. I am highly qualified, having done qualifications and an apprenticeship, where many advertising as newborn photographers are amateurs who may offer cheaper prices but will often disappoint leaving you with poor quality images and no refund. Attempting to do it yourself is extremely dangerous and you will never get the same incredible results as you will with a professional

Why not hire a cheaper amateur?
Why not do it yourself, for free

I am regulated by BIPP, have an up to date DBS check, and am fully insured. I will go above and beyond other photographers to ensure that the whole process is enjoyable resulting in beautiful images and precious memories. I will work to accommodate any requirement, however big or small.


49 Como Road
Forest Hill
SE23 2JL