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Beancat & Co

Original homewares & gifts for people you actually like.


Member since October 2020

07498 218636


Beancat & Co provides a meticulously curated collection of ethically sourced homewares and gifts. It was founded at a time when I felt I needed to gather a community of like-minded creators and provide them with a platform that was not oversaturated or driven by the spirit of competition.

My personal approach has always been to prioritise quality over quantity, I have a tendency to choose a brand or a product and stick to it so it needs to be practical, built to last and ethically made. I use the same values and principles when sourcing and creating items for Beancat & Co.

Our aim is to inspire consumers to make small changes that could end up having a big impact on our environment and welfare, both by championing ethical practices and choosing to give back.