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Please note: this section is only relevant if you choose to publicise your donations via our donations form. If you choose 'No' to the question 'Would you like to publicise your support?' you are not able to publicise your giving anywhere as you do not have a Commerical Participation Agreement in place with your chosen charity. We have explained Commerical Participation Agreements in more detail here.

Once you have set up a donation, the first thing you must do is publicise your Commercial Participation Statement at your point of sale. We have explained Commerical Participation Statements in more detail here. This is essential for compliance.

After you have done this, there are a number of ways to publicise your giving. A few ideas are below but we have also offered some tips and templates for use on social media here.

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Complete your Work for Good profile

As part of your Work for Good account, you are able to create a business profile detailing information about your business and why giving is important to you. This can also display your donation activity and the charities you have chosen to support.

Why it's useful to complete your Work for Good profile:

  1. If you have recently started giving to charity through your business, completing your profile may help you to focus on exactly why and how you wish to donate. For example, you can set a target for how much you wish to raise and share this with your team to keep everyone motivated.
  2. If your customers, investors or anyone internal asks about your charitable giving or CSR activity, you can share a link to your profile with them, instead of creating presentations or additional documents.
  3. Having a public profile on Work for Good acts as free promotion for your business and will help to boost your SEO.

If you wish to, you can choose to make some of the information within your profile private, such as how many donations you have made, how much you have donated and the charities you have donated to. Here are some examples of other business profiles to get you inspired: Work for Good, GOOD KOFFEE, Hatchling Makes.

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Share your giving activity in your newsletter or blog

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Reach out to your mailing list

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Add a section about your business giving to your website