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Displaying your Commerical Participation Statement

Once you have set up a donation, and if you have chosen to publicise this donation, as part of the Commercial Participation Terms, and in line with charity law, you must add a Commercial Participation statement at the point of sale (e.g. on the product page of your website). This statement must match the information you entered on the donation form and should mention that the campaign is being facilitated via Work for Good.

To make this easy, Work for Good generates this statement for you when you set up a donation. On the donations form, when you tick that you understand the Commerical Participation Agreement as part of our Terms & Conditions, the next screen will show you your Commercial Participation Statement for your campaign. You will also be sent this via email.

An example of the website screen is below (the statement is in the blue box):

Donations form - Commercial Participation Statement

What should the Commercial Participation Statement include?

  • The name of the charity that will benefit from your campaign. If more than one charity will benefit, name both charities and the proportions in which they are to benefit.

  • The amount that will be donated (e.g. the amount to be donated if known, or the estimated amount and how that will be calculated).

Commercial Participation Statement template

(insert £/% amount) of (every sale OR the specific product or service sale which was stated) will be donated to (insert name of charity) via Work for Good.