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Get Involved: The #SmallBusinessStar match funding campaign Christmas 2020

"During 2020 we’ve seen the impact small businesses make, with more businesses donating to charity via Work for Good than ever before. The #SmallBusinessStar campaign is an opportunity for small businesses to keep shining, engage their customers and clients and make a positive difference.’"— Veronica Bamford-Deane, Managing Director of Work for Good.

What is it all about?

The #SmallBusinessStar match funding campaign is a festive fundraising opportunity for small businesses to help UK charities raise much needed funds by donating through their Christmas sales.

From 1st-31st December 2020 Work for Good will be doubling donations raised from the sales of products and services and paid to charities via our platform (up to £500 per business, whilst funds remain — see T’s & C’s below)

As well as raising money for good causes, the #SmallBusinessStar match funding campaign has been created by Work for Good to shine a light on the UK’s socially responsible small business community, illustrating that purposeful enterprise is better for all.

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The Inspiration

Despite the challenges 2020 has presented, small businesses have played a crucial role in giving back to their communities, many putting purpose and giving at the heart of their business.

In fact, Work for Good has seen a huge increase in small businesses donating to charity, and from April to September 2020, over 300 small businesses have pledged and donated over £450k to charity via the fundraising platform. Proving that collectively small acts of giving can make a big difference.

"The #SmallBusinessStar campaign is an opportunity for small businesses to keep shining, engage their customers and clients and make a positive difference this Christmas. With campaigns such as Shop Small and Small Business Saturday combined with the powerful ask of Sir David Attenborough for the country to stop wasting, consumers are likely to be looking for a more purposeful and socially driven Christmas. Donating to a charity through their business sales is a sustainable and simple way for businesses to make a tangible impact." — Veronica Bamford-Deane, Managing Director of Work for Good.
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How can a business become a #SmallBusinessStar?

Step 1. Small businesses need to sign up to Work for Good and pledge a proportion of sales from their products or services to a charity of their choice.

Step 2. Create a buzz! Once signed-up, small businesses can then start their own #SmallBusinessStar Christmas Charity Fundraising campaign. We’ve created assets and a toolkit to help businesses get started — click here to download the toolkit.

Step 3. Donations must be paid to the charity via our fundraising platform between 1st — 31st December when we will DOUBLE DONATIONS!

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We’re here to help: If you have any questions please whizz us a message via

Any charities who would like to get involved can also sign up to Work for Good for free here and will be sent their own #SmallBusinessStar toolkit to involve their supporters.

Small Business Star Match Funding Campaign 2020: Terms and Conditions:

1.Donations will be doubled that have been paid from businesses via the Work for Good platform from midnight 1st December until midnight 31st December 2020 or until the fund has been allocated.

  1. Work for Good will double up to £500 per business, for any donation which is paid between 1st — 31st December 2020, whilst funds remain.
  2. Donations paid before midnight 1st December 2020 will not be eligible for the match funding.
  3. Donations made after the point the match fund has been fully allocated will not be doubled.
  4. Donations are non-refundable.
  5. Work for Good will announce to members, on their website and via social media when the match fund has been allocated.
  6. By taking part in this campaign via our website you confirm that you accept our website Terms and Conditions and that you agree to comply with them. If you do not agree with these terms and conditions, please do not take part in the campaign via our website.
  7. We may, at our sole discretion, modify or revise the campaigns terms and conditions at any time without notice by updating the text of this page.