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About us

We are a charity based in Atherton with hubs throughout the Wigan borough and made up of a small team of staff and volunteers. Our main activity is providing counselling to young people aged 6 to 19 yrs. Counselling is offered to help young people deal with any emotional or mental health issue that they may have and we extend this offer to their families, so that the young people are better supported.

Some of the issues that our young people face are from experiences, situations and environments over which they have no control and cannot change. Counselling gives them autonomy, resilience, increased self-confidence and coping strategies to help them cope better with the impact of these experiences. It effectively reduces the impact of their presenting disadvantages on their emotional and mental health. This is done by giving them a safe, non-judgemental, confidential space to talk about and explore their emotional responses to their lives.

As a charity, we rely on donations and local or national funding and sadly, the money that we receive doesn’t satisfy the demands of our young people. As a result we have a lengthy waiting list, so any business donations would be used to fund counselling sessions, reducing the waiting time so that the young people are seen quicker.