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About us

Whales and dolphins are incredible creatures and they continue to inspire and amaze. In many ways, they are similar to us. They live in close family groups, have language, names for each other, they play games, socialise, babysit their young and grieve their dead.

To protect these amazing creatures, we focus on four key areas of work:

Stop whaling - Commercial whaling is illegal and yet, every year, Japan, Norway and Iceland kill around 1,500 whales.

Create healthy seas – Healthy seas need healthy populations of whales and dolphins, and yet commercial fishing, oil and gas drilling, and shipping are threatening their lives.

Prevent deaths in nets - Hundreds of thousands of whales and dolphins are accidentally caught and killed by commercial fishing fleets every year.

End captivity - Whales and dolphins have a right to live free and healthy lives. These highly intelligent individuals should not suffer in tanks for human entertainment.

We work globally through campaigns, lobbying, advising governments, conservation projects, field research, rescue, education and much more.

Cover photo: WDC/Charlie Phillips