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Renovating Roath Library

Renovating Roath Library

In September 2017 Rubicon began the bid to renovate Roath Library through a community asset transfer. This is a process where the council hands over a community building to another organisation to repurpose it and make it useful for the community once more.

We could see that the library would be a perfect spot to set up an additional Rubicon building: being only a 5 minute walk from our studios at Nora Street, we could continue to develop and meet demand for greater arts provision in our very own community. Renovating the library also meant we could transform it back into a vibrant facility for the community. To our excitement, our bid was accepted!

The Dance Library will give us the space we need to provide a wider range of activities and more access to ordinary people who want to take part in exceptional and memorable dance. Whether you want to take part just for fun or pursue your dreams by developing your talent further, we want to show people that they can connect and set their sights high. Staying accessible and affordable to all, dance at Rubicon will also contribute to developing the economy in our local area. We want to attract new visitors to the community and contribute to the growing artistic hub on Newport Road.