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About us

The United Kingdom Antarctic Heritage Trust (UKAHT) exists to ensure that the legacy of the pioneers, including the huts and artefacts from which they explored this geographically, scientifically and politically important region of our planet, are actively sustained and conserved. Communicating their stories helps us inspire people from all over the world to discover, enjoy and respect our Antarctic history. We not only maintain six important historic sites on the Antarctic Peninsula but also support other organisations to ensure our Antarctic history is safeguarded and shared with a new generation keen to learn about Antarctica.

UKAHT’s flagship site, Port Lockroy, originally built in 1944 as part of a secret second world war mission code-named ‘Operation Tabarin’ and home to scientific investigation after the war, has been carefully and meticulously renovated through a sustainable conservation programme, enabling it to continue to withstand the brutal climate. It now operates as a living museum and fully functional Post Office on behalf of the Government of the British Antarctic Territory during the Antarctic summer, welcoming thousands of visitors every year. Part of our role is to monitor the impact of these visitors on the wildlife, and, in accordance with the Antarctic Treaty, follow strict guidelines to ensure the environment is properly protected.