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Contactless Fundraising Badges

Asking for donations this Movember just got a whole lot easier. In a world first, we’re trialling contactless fundraising badges – allowing friends and family to make donations with the sweep of a hand.

If you have just received a badge from us, here’s how you use it.

How to:

1. Enable your phone

If you have an latest iPhone (X/XS) it would work automatically, if you have an Android phone you just need to enable NFC (Near-Field-Communication) in settings. For iPhones 7 and above search for and download the ‘Tap and Scan NFC’ app in the App Store.

2. Set up your badge

Tap your badge with your phone and follow the on screen set up instructions to activate your badge. (So if you have an Android or latest iPhone you just tap your phone on the badge, or if you have the app, open the app and press ‘Click here to use NFC’. Top tip: It works best when you tap the top of your phone against the badge.

Badge wearers will be sent an email after registering with a link to their account and their fundraising dashboard, so they can see how much they’ve raised through their badge.

3. Wear with pride & start collecting donations

Get your friends and family to start donating to your Mo by Apple Pay, PayPal or Card, Google Pay. Simply get them to tap your badge with their NFC enabled phone.

(Same rules apply on compatible phones above).


Charges, Gift Aid & Tax receipts

Donors will be sent a confirmation receipt after the transaction is complete to their email address. Please note Thyngs takes 2.5% of every donation made, as a transaction fee. (This is not an additional charge to the donor.)

If you’re in the UK and you’re a UK taxpayer, you can add Gift Aid at no extra cost. Just click on ‘Add Gift Aid’ after making the donation

Linking to Mo Space on

If you already have a Mo Space, please use the same email address to set up your badge for donations to be added to it. You will also be asked to set a target, please note this is just the amount you want to raise through your badge.

Badge wearers will be sent an email after registering with a link to their account and their fundraising dashboard, so they can see how much they’ve raised on the badge.

The amount raised from the badge, will also appear on your Mo Space if you have one, however please note this may take a while to appear. Donations from the badge will be grouped together under ‘badge donations’ and the donor’s name won’t be reflected on the Mo Space. (This is something we hope to solve for next year so please bear with us.)

Compatible devices:

All Android phones (just enable NFC in settings)

iPhone XS, XS Max, XR

iPhone 7 and above with an NFC app

Top tip: It works best when you tap the top of your phone against the badge.

Badge still not working? Email us at:





This Movember, Sotheby’s and the Movember Foundation, will offer ten powerful new works from the world’s most prolific street artists. Harnessing the distinct urban style for which they are famed, each artist has created an agenda-setting piece motivated by, and aimed at nurturing, open conversations surrounding men’s mental health and suicide prevention. The bold works will go on view to the public in Sotheby’s London galleries as part of the ‘Contemporary Curated’ exhibition. Proceeds from the sale of these works on November 20 will benefit the Movember Foundation and their dedicated investment in ground-breaking mental health programmes.

The initiative has been spearheaded by artist and gallery owner Dean Stockton, whose vibrant Pop Art murals, which draw comparison to the impactful comic-strip canvases of Roy Lichtenstein, have propelled him onto the international stage. Better known as D*Face, a tongue-in-cheek reference to the nature of his profession, Stockton explains:

“At its core, Street Art has always been about breaking barriers, both physical and social. By emerging from the confinements of the traditional gallery space, it allowed people of all description to engage with the medium of art. In much the same way, I strongly believe Street Art has the ability to breach the social stigma of men’s mental health – to collapse this invisible boundary that’s causing men to keep their struggles to themselves. It’s no secret that many artists across history, including myself, have battled with issues of isolation and loneliness. What Street Art brings to the table for both artist and viewer alike is a catalyst for conversation, a common point of reference for casual discussion and precisely what men struggling with their mental health are in need of. My own contribution to the exhibition, ‘Console the Lonely’, deals with the subject matter head on, in the hope that it will inspire more similarly direct exchanges between male friends regarding their mental wellbeing. So much can be achieved in such a few words, someone just needs to start the conversation.”

D*Face’s strikingly poignant Console the Lonely will be unveiled alongside works from further high-profile names, including the creator of OBEY Shepard Fairey, street-artist turned artworld-prodigy Jonathan Yeo, and orchestrator of a worldwide ‘space invasion’, Invader. Complementing the sale of the original works, Stolen Space Gallery will be offering a limited number of exclusive prints by the artists involved in the project. These will be on sale from November through the Stolen Space website.

JC – Co-Founder, the Movember Foundation:

“Art has been changing perceptions and starting conversations throughout history. At the Movember Foundation, we’re seeking to change behavior in men on a global scale. “Against the wall” is an amazing project to help achieve our goals. Through the art, but perhaps more importantly through the artists themselves, we can start really important, life saving conversations between men. By stepping out from behind the canvas these amazing artists are showing their own vulnerability and starting their own conversations around men’s mental health and suicide prevention that we can all be inspired by to take positive action in our own lives. We are truly grateful for the support and collaboration from D*Face, the rest of the artists involved and Sotheby’s.”

Boris Cornelissen – Head of Sale, Sotheby’s:

“This unique exhibition brings to the fore brave artworks borne from the personal experiences of the artists, their friends, their families, and men all over the world. A movement that at its very core is about passionate social and political expression, I can’t help but feel that street art is the perfect medium to foster open conversation on men’s mental health. Building on a rich history, street art has been having a renaissance in recent years, with artists such as Basquiat, Banksy and Rammellzee rising to meteoric heights. We are looking forward to introducing such a large number of street artists to a new audience, in this first for New Bond Street.”

Sale: 20 November 2018

Exhibition: 16–19 November 2018

34–35 New Bond Street, W1A 2AA



Today, The Movember Foundation, Harlequins Foundation and Harlequin FC announce a long-term partnership that will see them team up for a joint initiative committed to help rugby fans, and the wider community, live happier, healthier and longer lives.

To launch the partnership, the Harlequins team has taken part in the Movember Foundation’s ‘Be a Man of More Words’ campaign to raise awareness for World Suicide Prevention Day. Star players Dave Ward, Danny Care, Joe Marler and Mark Lambert feature in an emotive video encouraging men across the UK to open up and speak more about their mental health. The players talk openly and honestly about their own personal experiences, addressing issues of anger, anxiety, depression and suicide.

Be a Man of More Words kicks off a month long campaign by the Movember Foundation, aimed at encouraging meaningful conversations around men’s mental health as a way to ultimately reduce the high rate of male suicide. The Man of More Words campaign builds on Movember’s UnMute and Suicide Notes Talk Too Late campaigns of previous years. While Suicide Notes Talk Too Late encouraged men to open up and talk when times are tough, UnMute challenged supporters to really listen when men spoke up. Man of More Words brings the two together, focusing on getting men to talk when times are tough, in the confidence that they will be heard.

The partnership brings together a joint ambition between the Club and the Foundations to address the issues around men’s health and provide information and guidance on what to do when health suffers. There will be several campaigns, focused both on awareness and fundraising, and during the partnership the funds raised will be invested into projects aimed at parents, coaches and young men, all delivered through the Harlequins Foundation.

Owen Sharp, CEO of the Movember Foundation said: “We are delighted to be announcing this partnership after working closely with Harlequins in an unofficial capacity for many years. In working together, we aim to positively impact the lives of the many men and women that support Harlequins and the wider community.”

Marc Leckie, Head of the Harlequins Foundation said: “As a Foundation we are committed to making a positive change in our community’s health, both locally and globally. We are confident that this partnership will inspire, educate and equip men to invest in their own wellbeing. We want to stop men dying too young.”

Mark Lambert Harlequins player added: “There is a stereotype of rugby players being tough, strong, silent types, and there is now a chance for us to challenge stigma around men sharing their thoughts and being open about their health. All of our players at Harlequins are proud to support this partnership and understand the importance of being a man of more words to become a happier, healthier person.”

You can sign up and donate to the Harlequins team on

To learn more about the ‘Man of More Words’ campaign and how you can effectively help the men in your life to open up visit