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About us

Earth is so large, so enigmatic and so complex that it can be difficult to appreciate the scope of our environmental crisis. But when we can't grasp the entirety of a problem, we often feel stuck in finding a solution.

If you spot a solitary tiger in the dense jungles of Asia, you may realise that only a few thousand tigers still survive in the wild. You might think of the illegal trade of their furs and bones, or of the shrinking patches of habitat they rely on to survive.

If you meet a family gathering drinking water from a contaminated river, you may remember that many of us do not have access to clean water. You might think of the way we rely on our planet - the planet we're gradually making more unreliable.

And if you turn on the news and see more reports of stronger hurricanes and longer droughts, you might think of the slow, steady and devastating effects of climate change.

But it's hard to comprehend all these crises at once.

These issues need urgent solutions and we have no doubt that the best way to address the crises around us is to save rainforest.The rainforest is more than just a habitat. The rainforest is the cornerstone of life on Earth. By focussing on the rainforest, we're preserving the lungs of the planet, preventing carbon emissions from deforestation, protecting some of the planet's most threatened species, and empowering communities.

But it's not just what we do that sets Rainforest Trust apart. It's how we do it. We work with local communities to purchase and protect lands, and find conservation solutions that champion the people who live around the places we preserve. We focus our efforts on the most threatened and the most important sites.

Our unique, cost-effective conservation model for protecting endangered species has been implemented successfully for over 30 years. Thanks to the generosity of our donors, the expertise of our partners and the participation of local communities across the tropics, our reserves are exemplary models of international conservation.

Thanks to this unique model, your business can make a real difference to our planet by protecting acres of threatened tropical habitat in one of our current projects. 100% of your project gift directly funds vital conservation action, and throughout 2020, all donations will be doubled so you will be making twice the impact.

To give you an idea of the impact you can have, a donation of £18 is enough to save 10 acres of rainforest in Liberia, home to chimpanzees and pygmy hippopotamuses. This groundbreaking project, which stretches across 318,520 acres, also locks in 52 million metric tonnes of CO2e, helping to mitigate climate change.

Get in touch with the team to see which projects are currently open for funding, and what you can do to help. Contact Vicky Wallace on or 0203 488 4495