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Day out at Winter Wonder Wheels

Day out at Winter Wonder Wheels

Two weekends ago the my AFK team tackled Winter Wonder Wheels (part of the Superhero Tri Series) 5km walk/run/roll challange. We were joined by many of our beneficiaries on the day to help raise funds to continue our work helping disabled children and young people.

my AFK helped fund George's (front centre) new red wheelchair, which he received only a few weeks before. He was very excited to see if the rest of the team could keep up with him on the day - it was very tough indeed. His family has been an incredible support to our work and my AFK are grateful to work with such a lovely family. Leon's (front left) powerchair was funded by my AFK a few years ago, and he has continued to be a huge ambassador of the charity, regularly attending our events and spreading the word on the work we do.

Shaun, Jeffrey, Yi Ling, and Hisba also attended the event with team my AFK. All four of them were previously students in our life and work programme, which helps disabled young people get into paid work after school. Since attending our programme, each have gone on to work in a variety of places, and have continued to come to my AFK events throughout the years.

Thanks for joining us Shaun, Jeffrey, George, Yi Ling, Hisba, and Leon! It was such a fun day - well done team my AFK!

Sam's New Light-weight wheelchair

Sam's New Light-weight wheelchair

Sam is 19-year-old young man with cerebral palsy, a disorder that affects all four limbs and impacts his coordination and motor skills. He needs help with most physical tasks and is a full-time wheelchair user.

His mum contacted my AFK to fund a new light-weight wheelchair for Sam that would allow him to self-propel in a safe environment. He has outgrown his current wheelchair which is heavy, cumbersome and very difficult for him to propel, making him tire easily and making it difficult to maintain his independence.

Sam's chair arrived with him earlier this year. He contacted us to let us know how it has impacted him: "I love how light it feels, it's slim look, how little effort I have to put in to push, the comfort and the colour. With this equipment I will be able to take myself out and about with family and friends without having to worry about how I'm going to push over long distances. I will be less reliant on others to push me and can enjoy the freedom that this chair has and will give me. Thank you again for everything you have done to provide me with this chair, it really is special and will make a huge difference to my life"

A pink trike for Matilda

A pink trike for Matilda

Matilda is a chatty 4-year-old from Surrey. She is active, sociable and loves spending time with her older brother and friends.

Yet she has cerebral palsy and can only walk independently indoors and short distances outdoors, she uses a wheelchair to go long distances or over uneven surfaces.

Matilda wanted a trike to help her take part in activities with friends and family. It also provides therapeutic play while improving muscle strength, balance and limb movement.

Matilda's physiotherapist recommended it saying, “As part of physiotherapy sessions, Matilda learnt to pedal and steer the tricycle which she enjoys immensely. A trike would be hugely beneficial to her."

Action For Kids funded the trike and Matilda was very happy and excited to go on rides