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Meet Grimbo

Meet Grimbo

Grimbo was one of the original herd of horses that we rescued when Mane Chance was founded and he has remained an important and central part of the Sanctuary ever since. Grimbo was neglected prior to being rescued and was due to be sold to the meat market, but Mane Chance stepped in and saved him from that fate.

He has had a change of position in the Shetland herd at Mane Chance since his arrival. Mr Smith, another of our Shetlands, who has generally been the leader of the herd, has obviously decided that he has got all the Shetlands organised as to how he thinks they should be and has chosen to stand aside, allowing his pal Grimbo to have his turn in taking the reins. Grimbo was happy to oblige and appears to have taken his new role very seriously – alongside his companion Thelma. But he truly shines when it comes to working with us to welcome our visitors to the site.

Grimbo is an incredibly gentle and generous pony to all that meet him and is willing to give his kindness to those who need a little moment away from the challenges of their lives. Considering his start in life, Grimbo has grown to be an extraordinary pony that shows great warmth and empathy to everyone and we don’t know what we would do without him!