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About us

At KidsOut we believe that all children deserve fun and happiness in their lives and we work every day to make it a reality. Whether they have escaped domestic violence or live daily in poverty, KidsOut provides disadvantaged children across the UK with exciting memories to cherish and something positive to look forward to.

Here's just a few things we do to bring fun and happiness to disadvantaged children:

KidsOut Days Out - we take out over 28,000 disadvantaged children right across the UK for a special day out. These can be anything from a trip to a theme park, zoo or to the beach. Our aim is to be able give even more days out to even more disadvantaged children over the next 2 years.

ToyBox - Each year as many as 20,000 children flee domestic abuse to seek sanctuary in refuge. Typically leaving home with only the clothes on their back, these children have experienced physical, emotional, and even sexual abuse and arrive at refuge with nothing. Having escaped the abuse for the safety of a refuge for anywhere between 6-12 months, roughly 4,000 of these children and their mothers are then relocated to a new home to start again. Moving into a new community can be particularly tough for children, especially when they have already left their school, friends and possessions behind. With the mothers’ attention and resources typically focused on acquiring basic necessities for the new home, purchasing toys and going on Fun Days out are often way down the list. To ease the anxiety of moving, KidsOut sends each child their very own box of toys, welcoming them to their new lives.

World Stories - Throughout history, before pens, computers, books and libraries, people have told each other stories. At KidsOut we understand that stories are really important and can help us understand each other, learn about other cultures, and help us celebrate our own. But most of all they are fun! World Stories is a growing collection of 152 traditional and original stories from around the world representing the 21 most commonly spoken languages by children in the UK. Currently one in seven UK children speaks a language other than English as their first language, often struggling to learn in an unfamiliar language and environment. World Stories is an online resource that helps children improve their literacy and keep up in the classroom. With more than 100 stories in written and audio format, World Stories opens the world to children.

Giving Tree - This is our Christmas toy giving initiative and is designed to replace Secret Santa. KidsOut send a pack containing Christmas tree shaped tags to companies that sign up. On the back of these tags is the name and age of a child in refuge and a present they may like. Staff/club members/ pupils are encouraged to take a tag and buy a present (costing £5-£10) for a refuge child. Once all of the tags have been taken we would ask for the presents to be delivered to a central collection point, from which KidsOut will distribute the presents to children seeking refuge from domestic abuse, most of whom will arrive with nothing at all this Christmas