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About us

Our aim: We aim to find better treatments, and ultimately cures for kidney diseases.

Our research saves lives: Kidney disease is a silent killer. There are three million people in the UK with it right now. One million don’t even know they have it and there is no cure. For decades our developments in treatment, better information for patients and raising vital public awareness have been saving lives. As the likelihood of kidney disease striking you becomes ever greater, our work is more essential now than ever.

Our supporters are amazing: Thanks to the help from our supporters, we have achieved breakthroughs in the diagnosis, treatment and patient care of those affected by the disease. But much more needs to be done. There are no cures for kidney disease, only life-extending treatments such as dialysis, where you’re attached to a machine for several hours, three or more days a week. Or a transplant, for which there’s a huge shortage of donor organs.

Kidney health in the UK: 60,000 people die prematurely each year because of chronic kidney disease 64,000 people are being treated for end-stage renal failure A kidney transplant only lasts on average between 10-15 years before you need a new one More than 5,000 people are waiting for a kidney, yet only around 3,000 transplants are carried out each year On average, Asian people wait 188 days longer for a transplant than White people