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About us

The Calvert Experience: Help us change lives

Here among rolling hills and valleys in North Devon people of all ages with physical, learning, sensory and behavioural disabilities have been enjoying adventurous activity holidays since 1996.

Our activities are fun, exciting and challenging. With our instructors’ help and encouragement our guests rise to the challenges, develop new skills, strike up new friendships and build self-confidence and greater independence. By the time they leave, their physical and mental wellbeing has improved, they have created wonderful memories and accomplished far more than they had ever dreamed possible.

For many, the benefits continue long after their visit. Following a stay here, people with disabilities are more resilient and able to overcome the obstacles of daily life, which for many include isolation, depression, discrimination and exclusion. For carers, whose everyday life can present huge challenges, we offer a desperately needed break from their routine and responsibilities.

We receive no government funding and rely on the generosity of those who support us to run the centre.

How we changed Scott’s life

Seven-year-old Scott has autism and his behaviour is unpredictable. Before staying with Calvert Trust Exmoor, Scott and his mother Claire were, in her own words: “effectively housebound, with friends and family bringing in food parcels.”

We heard through a friend about Calvert Trust Exmoor and in fact we went along to buy a horse from their stables! As soon as we walked in there, we could see it was an amazing place. The staff were doing brilliant things for people with disabilities.

After discovering Calvert Trust Exmoor online, Claire and Scott were able to visit that very weekend. The pair rode bikes, enjoyed climbing and screamed together on the giant swing. Scott’s favourite thing was cooking over an open fire in the bush craft sessions.

“We both relaxed, and it allowed us to rebuild our relationship. It felt very safe there. We are both more positive, with lots of ideas to try, and a changed approach to life.”