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CareDay 2020 - standing with care-experienced children and young people

CareDay 2020 - standing with care-experienced children and young people

Would you like to commit to donating a percentage of your donations to Love and Self-Care for people with care experience on Care Day?

What's CARE DAY?

21st of February is CARE DAY, the world’s biggest celebration of children and young people with care experience!

Introduced in 2016, CARE DAY offers an opportunity to celebrate the rights and successes of care-experienced people across the globe. Organisations from across the UK as well as Australia the US and other countries will join together to highlight 'care experience' and what each and everyone of us can do to give children and young people in care a chance to thrive and achieve their dreams. It's a day where we stand together to create better futures that individuals are proud of.

Celebrating LOVE & SELF CARE on Care Day 2020

In 2020, Drive Forward is putting a spotlight onto the importance of LOVE & SELF CARE in the lives of the care-experienced young people working with us.

To help young individuals develop self care skills and techniques to manage toxic stress or negative thoughts, we're offering them a variety of learning, practice and community-building sessions. All donations raised on Care Day will go towards:

Mindfulness and Yoga

Film Clubs

Cultural trips and activities

Women's Wellness & Peer Support Networks

With young people exhibiting a three times higher rate of loneliness than people aged 65+, supporting individuals to find meaningful activity and build strong peer relationships is more important than ever!

So we ask you to support care-experienced young people learn to love and care for themselves, so that they can face up to the challenges that life throws at them with confidence, resilience and strength.

"Mindfulness is amazing! I did it, and instantly felt more relaxed and focused. It helped me open up all my senses and get close to nature with my heart and mind. It gave me inspiration, confidence and motivation to do well in my life!" - Ben, 24

"I thought the Mindfulness course was fantastic. It really helped me to think positively and not to think in auto-pilot as I sometimes may do. It also helped to slow me right down. I really honestly enjoyed it from the start as I began to notice its usefulness." - Jodi, 19

Year roundup for our Policy Forum

Year roundup for our Policy Forum

Rounding of our work for 2019 – and making plans for 2020 – care-experienced members of our London and Manchester policy forums came together for the first time.

Meeting on a Saturday, 13 policy forum members sat down together to evaluate the last year. The group looked at our campaign to end unnecessary criminalisation in care, end stigma and discrimination, and finally discussed our expansion into working with care experienced people outside of London.

Three members of the Manchester Policy Forum travelled down to London to feed back on their first six months as a group. In regards to the criminalisation working group, members fed back on progress made at City Hall and discussed other areas to advocate for in the new year- including pushing for the reform of England’s youth criminal records system. Recent findings and activity in relation to our ending discrimination and stigma of care-experienced people working group was also discussed.

Mapping out plans for next year, the group decided to diversify those they targeted to include institutions outside of local government and Westminster. In 2020 the Policy Forum plans to engage with the local press, higher education providers and many more.

The group then spent one hour speaking with Lord Francis Listowel, learning about the House of Lords and how to best approach using this institution for their campaigns. Lord Listowel then took time to take questions from policy members and listen to their experiences of the care system. He plans to meet with members of the group again in the new year.

The day was closed with a redraft of the group’s manifesto, due to be released at the start of next year. It was decided to re-use the five themes of Accountability, Stability, Opportunity & Aspiration, Love, and Community.

Practice makes perfect: taking the stress out of interviews

Practice makes perfect: taking the stress out of interviews

At our November Interview Prep & Pizza event, nine professionals from three corporate partners introduced a group of young people to different job interview styles and techniques. A big thank you to our partners at Baringa, Destilled and AS Financial.

Sweaty hands, restless feet, a dry mouth… sounds familiar? Despite living in a digitalised world with lengthily application forms, video interviews and assessment centres, the classic face-to-face interview is still one of the most dreaded stages when applying for the job you want. Especially for young people the job interview can easily become a very uncomfortable experience; the smart dress feels a bit alien; the corporate environment appears intimidating; having to talk to people they’ve never met before. On top of that, there’s the pressure of actually performing well.

Recognising all these various factors our ‘Interview Prep & Pizza’ puts a positive and fun spin to the classic interview training. Interviewers come from a diverse range of industries and all have experience of HR and recruitment. This puts them into a great position to help our young people understand and tackle different interview styles; from traditional CV-based interviews, to competency-based questions, to creative interview approaches.

Each participant will go around the room completing multiple interviews. They have approximately 7 minutes to convince the interviewer that they’re the right person for the job before the buzzer jolts and they’re provided with instant feedback on their performance; feedback which they can take away and instantly try to implement at the next table.

If you are interested in becoming part of our professional network that exists as a positive role model to individuals we support at Drive Forward whether through interview practise or our other activities, please get in touch.