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Urgent Samos Appeal

Urgent Samos Appeal

Living conditions for refugees on Samos island in Greece are at breaking point. Basic human needs are not being met and, as winter closes in on the people of the Vathy Refugee Camp, we've received an urgent call for help. Moreover, the devastating truth is that if we don't help them, no one will.

4,200 men, women and children, families, the elderly and the disabled, are almost indiscriminately without adequate shelter, warmth, lighting, washing facilities, food and more. By UK standards (by any standards) they are surviving considerably below the poverty line. The Greek government and island authorities are buckling under the strain and the big humanitarian aid agencies are nowhere to be seen. Our grassroots volunteer partners are on-the-ground working hard and working together to provide essential help.

We may not be able to provide homes for everyone, but we can offer basic yet effective help in the form of tents and tarpaulins, warm and waterproof winter clothes, winter boots to replace flip-flops, hats, scarves and gloves, blankets and sleeping bags, hygiene, sanitary and baby products, along with clothes washing and drying services.

This is what we CAN do. This is what we MUST do. Please make a donation today to help us help the people living as refugees on Samos island survive the winter.

Every pound you give WILL make a big difference. We stand #TogetherForRefugees and #TogetherForHumanRights. Please join us.