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About us

For over 50 years Designability has been transforming the lives of children and adults across the UK living with a disability or long-term health condition. Enabling greater independence and enjoyment in every day life, benefitting not just the individual but those around them as well.

We do this by putting our beneficiaries at the centre of the process for every product we make. We work with them to understand what they find challenging on a day to day basis, and then include them as we design, create and test a product to help. This way we can ensure that everything we create truly does benefit those who need it. We support everyone from children through to adults living across the UK.

One of our most recognisable products is the Wizzybug, a powered wheelchair for under 5's. These are offered on a free loan scheme to families so that all children who could benefit from one, are able to. For many of the children Wizzybug will be their first experience of independent movement, it allows them to explore their surroundings both inside and out and play with their siblings and friends. Watch Joseph's story to see our Wizzybug in action!