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About us

Empowerment is at our heart; through our range of free services we help people to build their confidence and independence; continuing their lives beyond sight and hearing loss. Many people with deafblindness can feel isolated, lonely and embarrassed about their condition. The condition falls broadly into 2 types; congenital deafblindness where a person has sight or hearing impairment since birth caused by premature birth or infection and acquired deafblindness which is where a person becomes deafblind through an accident, trauma or through ageing. Whatever the reasons, being deafblind can leave people detached from their friends, family and communities and in many cases feeling very alone. Imagine only seeing shadows or hearing muffled music, imagine not being able to see your partner or your children’s faces, or hear their voices? Imagine being afraid because your two main senses are disappearing, with little chance of them ever coming back?

Losing your sight and hearing can be frightening whether as a child or later in life so at Deafblind UK our team of experts is here every step of the way to reassure, advise or just listen. We have been supporting people with dual sensory loss for 90 years and empowerment is at the heart of Deafblind UK. Through our range of free services, we help people with deafblindness to build confidence and independence to continue their lives beyond sight and hearing loss. There are nearly 400,000 people with deafblindness in the UK and this is estimated to rise to 650,000 by 2035 – together we can make a difference, together we can help people with deafblindness live the lives they choose, with dignity.