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Thank you

Thank you

A huge thank you to all our lovely friends and neighbours who donated to our Christmas dinner appeal and for the lovely Christmas gifts. It was very much appreciated.

Thank you also to Tesco Express, donating £30 of food towards dinner.


Christmas day at Contact: A hostel for homeless young women

Christmas day at Contact: A hostel for homeless young women

This Christmas we`re inviting supporters to donate a non-essential Christmas gift for our girls living with us over Christmas, and who doesn’t love to receive presents just because….

Examples of suitable low cost gifts include: gift vouchers, purses, scent, chocolate, sweets, make up bags, vanity cases, makeup sets, toiletries sets, scrunchies, compact mirrors, hand or body cream, shower gels, hair brush and comb sets ( no alcohol please!!).

We have 8 girls living with us at any one time.

Supporters can drop off or send their gifts to Contact, 339 Wilbraham Rd, Whalley Range, Manchester, M16 8GL, and if you call, you will be warmly received and invited in for a brew.

Creating Good Memories

Creating Good Memories

Here at Contact we have a modest fund for Good Memories events.

This fund is used to pay for trips out and, to celebrate birthdays, with the purpose of helping the youngsters to work through gaps in their childhood by having fun days out, marking birthdays, and Christmas, to contrast with what may have otherwise been a sad and lonely childhood.

We also aim to demonstrate that there can be low risk ways of having fun.

As a staff team we learn that not all young people want loud and long fun days out but need the security and safety of more understated occasions which bring them pleasure and enable them to start to trust these new experiences.

So, this weekend, Contact treated servicer users to a day out to the cinema to see Blue Story, followed by snacks and soft drinks afterwards.

All the girls commented on how well they got on with each other and on the wonderful time they had. For example, T had been with us for approximately 3 weeks but was adamant that she didn’t want to mix with other girls in house. This stemmed from past bad experiences with other girls. However, T stated that she was quite surprised how friendly these girls were and how well she’d interacted with everyone. They’ve all requested to have a similar event like this soon.

We thank all our donors to our Good Memories fund, without whom none of this would be possible.