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Are we nearly there yet?

Are we nearly there yet?

In the last 12 months, another 4,450 young cancer patients and their families have spent an unacceptable total of £5 million simply travelling to and from hospital for treatment. Sign your support to ask all party leaders to finally commit to a Young Cancer Patient Travel Fund to help families afford the cost of travelling for essential, life-saving treatment. 

Our research shows that parents of young cancer patients are struggling to keep a roof over their heads or heat their homes because of the huge cost of taking their child to hospital for life-saving treatment.

Young cancer patients have to travel to specialist cancer centres across the UK for life saving treatment, which is often not available at their local hospital. This means families are burdened with an average round-trip of 60 miles to get to and from hospital for treatment, spending at least £180 a month on petrol when treatment is at its most intense. Other families are forced to pay out hundreds in taxi fares or public transport costs.

The length of cancer treatment for young people varies from months to over three years, which can mean hundreds of journeys back and forth to the hospital.

We don’t think this is right or fair. Now has to be the end of the road for travel costs.

Join our fight for a Young Cancer Patient Travel Fund:

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

The CLIC Sargent Impact and Accountability Report – The Good, The Bad and The Ugly.

Findings of the report reveal in 2019, CLIC Sargent reached 6,733 children and young people with cancer – 66 per cent of everyone under 25 diagnosed with cancer. The charity supported 23,500 people including family members of children and young people living with cancer.

The charity raised £29.5 million and spent £14.6million on delivering services.

This innovative and transparent report comes after CLIC Sargent overhauled the way it reported on the impact it has on young lives against cancer in 2018. The charity successfully moved away from the traditional corporate narrative and handed the power to young cancer patients and their families. The Impact Report in 2018 was also heralded for open and honest commentary of its failures, focusing on a section called ‘Hands Up, We’re Not Perfect’

You can read the full report here: