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Be Incredible

Be Incredible

'Be Incredible' and join with Children's Hospice South West

In light of recent events, the community spirit that has swept the nation has been truly heart-warming to see. At Children’s Hospice South West, we too have been overwhelmed with the fantastic support from you, our wonderful supporters, so much so that you have inspired something incredible...

In the coming days and weeks, we invite you to join us and ‘Be Incredible’ not only to help support each other in these unprecedented times, but to also stand with the children and families who need your love and generosity now more than ever.

Whatever you can do, however you can do it, please join with us and make it incredible in whatever way you can. What will your incredible be?

Please join our new ‘Be Incredible with Children's Hospice South West’ Facebook Group to stay connected with fellow CHSW supporters and share your own fundraising ideas – big and small! But please look after yourselves as your first priority and also use the group to let everyone know what you are doing to look after you and your family’s mental wellbeing and physical health while you are self-isolating.