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About us

We seek to enable our students to be disciples of Jesus Christ who love God, and who love and understand the Scriptures, the Church and the Christian faith. We help them to live in ways that authentically express this love and understanding. Our students are able to communicate their passion for God within the church and beyond it; they are equipped to oversee and support the discipleship of others; they are team players who are able to offer leadership to churches and to the wider community; and they can participate in and lead the tasks of mission. They are equipped to do this in and with churches of any tradition but have a particular love for, sympathy for, affinity with and understanding of the Baptist tradition as it is expressed through the churches, associations and colleges of the Baptist Union of Great Britain and through BMS World Mission. We offer full and part-time courses in Theology, Ministry and Mission from access to postgraduate research level, with pathways through our programmes for those training to be Children, Youth and Family workers and Baptist ministers. Our Centres in Anabaptist Studies, Urban Mission and the Bible and Violence exist to promote and encourage research and study in specific areas.