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Pandemic makes periods worse for some women and girls

Pandemic makes periods worse for some women and girls

For the first time in a generation, we are experiencing shortages of essential items. A lack of toilet paper, eggs, and pasta have undoubtedly been a frustration for shoppers during the pandemic. For many women around the world, one essential item has never been available.

Try to Imagine starting your period and having no access to menstrual products. It’s not as far-fetched as you may think. 11% of girls aged between 14-21 in the UK have not been able to afford period products, while in India, a staggering 88% of women have to improvise by using paper or old rags during their period. The cervical cancer rate in India is 25% higher than in Europe. In Africa, it is common for women to use animal fat, straw, leaves, even cow dung, as a makeshift pad. It is no wonder that 1 in 5 girls in Africa drop out of school when they begin their periods.

“We will continue our work until all girls have menstrual dignity”, says Binti founder, Manjit Gill. “This means ensuring that the next generation understands periods and campaigning to provide all women with access to period products. Binti will continue to smash the stigma and shame around periods and change the language to reflect a more positive attitude.”

Periods do not pause during a pandemic.

Menstrual pads should be available to all women, yet over 400 million women in India alone are ripping up old clothing to use as a pad. This has to change, and with your help, we can create a world where all women have menstrual dignity.