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Charlie's Respite Break

Charlie's Respite Break

How gorgeous is Charlie :) Behind that lovely smile though is someone who was diagnosed with a brain tumour at just 3 years old. Since his diagnosis back in 2014 Charlie has lost his sight and regularly has to use a wheelchair because he tires so easily and he is still undergoing treatment.

Due to the support of our fantastic fundraisers we were able to send him and his family on a week’s break and his Mum, Kelly, said: “We couldn't have gone on holiday without the help of everyone at Bike 4 Cancer and their wonderful supporters! We had the most amazing time… our children were children for a week, no hospital, no appointments and certainly no caring roles to fulfil. Thank you all so much!!!”

Unfortunately we have many more people on our waiting list who desperately need a break too, so if you could spare even a £1 then this will enable us to keep on creating wonderful memories for people affected by cancer.